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Since 2004, we offer day trips in Koh Lanta and Krabi. The demand quickly had us offering overnight trips which then quickly became multiple day adventures. The company was formed by myself, Wyn Davies and my wife Samme, while we spent the winter in Koh Lanta.

Overnight sailing destinations around Phuket Similan Islands Phang Nga Bay Koh Ratcha Koh Phiphi Krabi Koh Dam Koh Muk, Ngai, Kradan Koh Lanta Koh Hong Pak Bia Koh Haa Koh Rok

In the summer, we would go to Canada, where I am a seaplane pilot, and now have over 14,000 flying floats. It just seemed natural to add sailing and diving to my love of water, so, we bought a sailboat and started chartering. I thought it best to be licensed, so I got a 100 ton USCG captain licensed which then became a Thai license.

Lack of good English language schools on Lanta, forced us to move to Phuket in 2011, so our daughter could receive on international type education.

We have since acquired more boats, and also represent what we think are the finest to offer in Phuket. Something for everyone, Day trips, overnight, multiple day, sailing, power, bare boat and crewed. We can arrange rendezvous diving trips, where a dive boat would meet up with you at your anchorage and take you diving. Selecting a represented boat won’t cost you extra money. There is no hidden fee for this.

We offer free airport/hotel pickups for small groups. We can even stop for food shopping on the way. We’ll help you come up with an itinerary of what we believe to be the best places for snorkeling, diving, and anchoring. We know some out of the way anchorages, where there are no day trippers.

From beautiful secluded beaches, to the fantastic scenery of Phang Nga Bay, from the incredible clear water and amazing snorkeling of Koh Rok to the hidden caves of Koh Mook, from tucked away Bamboo Beach Bar/Restaurant to high end resort restaurant. We’ll either take you there, or point you in the right direction.
So please, come aboard and join us for our 12th Season.

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